Sunday Confessions #101


Hello Sunday. Welcome back to my weekly recap.

I don't understand this weather. The PNW has gone from 90 degree days back to 60, back up to 90 again. This needs to stop! The change is killing me, causing migraines and allergies.

I'm glad this weekend is supposed to be nice since we are getting our boys a trampoline. My hope is to have them spend all summer outside in the sun, instead of becoming mushrooms in their dark rooms playing on their computers. If they play outside, I can read my books outside while they jump. Its a mama's dream.

On to the recap.


Weekly Menu #409 And The Book Of The Week
Book Review: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares
Book Review: Creativity by John Cleese
Movie Review: Cruella
Book Review: What We Devour by Linsey Miller
Sunday Confessions #102

As I am writing this post, I am listening to Robert Jordan's Lord of Chaos. Its over 900 pages and has taken me several months to get through this one. Its been a little slow paced. A lot of sitting in camps, but all the characters are starting to travel back to each other. They are also all getting married, so that's weird, but hey... It was bound to happen.

I'm sure by the time you read this post, I will have finished. 

Update: I finished it. FINALLY!

I don't know about you, but when the Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck came out and Evanescence came on the seen, I became obsessed. Love this song and album.

The last thing I watched was Lucifer. I've decided to start it over, since I stopped watching about 2 seasons in (don't know why) and I need a refresher before I jump into season 3. 

In fact, I watched about 5 episodes last night due to the threeV8 sparkling energy drinks I had yesterday and stayed up past midnight. Little did I realize, that small can has as much caffeine as a typical energy drink in a tiny delicious can of goodness. I wouldn't recommend it. 

I did down another one this morning, only because I had 4 hours of sleep last night and needed to stay awake. It was safe to say the V8 would do the trick.

Can we just say, that I am absolutely obsessed with this look. I've never felt myself to be a very fashionable person. I tend to have to watch others and put outfits together based off of photos, so this one is going on my to have list.

This adorable blog post from Alicia at is the epitome of an excellent blog that everyone wants to have. The photos are great, the decor is great, its just great.

Check it out!

So, nothing new with my challenges since I've over done it on book reviews again, lol.

31/196 in my Star Wars Legends challenge
50/341 Gilmore Girls challenge
47/100 in my 100 books before you die challenge

Its been a great week out in the world and inside the world of books. Check back next week for more book love and let me know what you are reading this week.

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