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I am currently OPEN to receiving review copies of books. I cannot promise to agree to read every book that I have been requested to review, but I will consider any request sent my way. I'm accepting e-books and audio books only at the moment. I will accept hard copies for promotional use, but they must be accompanied by an e-book or audio book.

If you are an author or publisher feel free to email me at and add book review to the subject line. Please also provide the synopsis and when you need the review posted.

I enjoy young adult and new adult fiction books in the genres of fantasy, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, scifi, paranormal, historical, and romance. I will consider other genres, just ask. I am partial to telepathy and Native American fiction, but not always at the same time. I do read sexy books. Not a big fan of westerns or thrillers, but if it's interesting I'll try it.

Send me an email and lets connect.

Absolutely loved it and would read again
Really liked it and glad I picked it up
It was good, but there was something that wasn't right
More that bothered me than I liked
Waist of my time
t finish

Introducing the Blogger's Choice Award. Given to books that I find to be extraordinary and beyond belief. Only given to a lucky few. Will you be the next recipient?

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