Sunday Confessions #100


Hey Sunday... Where did you come from?...

Welcome back to my Sunday Confessions. It has been a great week. The kids are out of school. My oldest is finished with his first week of bridge school which is supposed to get him used to high school, and the weather has been fairly nice. All in all, a good week.

I've been focusing on finishing up all those review books I picked up the last few weeks. Its like feast or famine around here. There are either a 72 reviews or nothing. I will take it either way. There are always books on my TBR pile that need to be read. 


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Sunday Confessions #101

Right now I am currently reading Half Sick of Shadows by Laura Sebastian. I haven't started it yet, but its described as a king Arthur retelling and I love how that sounds. 

This is my second to last review I currently have to read with the new Terry Brooks book, Child of Light right behind it. Yes, I will be reviewing both here on the blog in the next few weeks, so make sure you check back to see what I thought. 

I know this is odd, but this song came up on my iTunes when I had it on random shuffle. In my defense, this is the version from Deadpool 2. Great soundtrack by the way. 

The last thing I saved on my Pinterest was this delicious looking recipe for Cheesy Sloppy Joe Sliders. My husband is a huge fan, maybe even obsessed with sloppy Joe's. We have it almost once a week. I thought it would be nice to try it a little different this time and came across this recipe. 

Carrian and Cade at Oh Sweet Basil have an amazing webpage, full of some really delicious looking recipes that I will definitely be looking more into. 

If you want this elevated sloppy joe sandwich of yumminess, then head on over to Oh Sweet Basil.

I've only added one more book to my challenges, but its still forward progress. Once my review books are more manageable, this list is going down.

31/196 in my Star Wars Legends challenge
50/341 Gilmore Girls challenge
47/100 in my 100 books before you die challenge

Thanks for stopping by this week. Happy reading.


  1. I'm always struggling to keep up with my TBR and like you I'm not complaining! Love books and that just goes with the territory. Those Cheesy Sloppy Joe Sliders look delicious! Both my husband and I love Sloppy Joes! I'll look for the recipe. Have a great week!

    1. The sloppy joes were amazingly delicious. Gave me some good ideas on how to improve my regular sloppy joes.