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7 Memoirs To Read This Fall

I'm a huge fan of celebrity memoirs. Its almost like reaching into the celebrity pool and touching a part of their lives. Sometimes it puts perspective on things and other times it makes the celebrity feel human and normal as we are. There are so many good memoirs that its hard to choose from, but I've managed to pick seven of my favorites that you should really pick up this fall. 
Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher - In Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher tells the true and intoxicating story of her life with inimitable wit. Born to celebrity parents, she was picked to play a princess in a little movie called Star Wars when only 19 years old. "But it isn't all sweetness and light sabres." Alas, aside from a demanding career and her role as a single mother (not to mention the hyperspace hairdo), Carrie also spends her free time battling addiction, weathering the wild ride of manic depression and lounging around various mental institutions. It's an incredible tale …

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