Query - Hunter

This is a work in process. Just looking for impute on what I have so far. I also don't know what to compare it to, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Three years ago, Hunter ran away from home to escape her mother’s harsh thoughts and neglectful ways. She was picked up by Talon, the Telepathic Alliance of Latent or Non-manifested and taught to develop her abilities as a telepathic bounty hunter. Little did she know that she would become the hunted.

When Hunter becomes the mark of a government agency, Bear, her partner turns on her. He wants her dead so he doesn’t have to deal with her childish ways any longer. With nowhere else to run, Hunter allows herself to be captured by the agency and taken to the PIT, the Psychic Intelligence Team, where she learns a horrible truth. Talon has been using her to kill people.

Not willing to be used any longer, Hunter bargains with the commander of PIT. Her life for the information she knows about Talon. When they come to an agreement, a trap is set up for Talon and Hunter is the bait. Will she be able to bring down Talon and live to hunt another day, or will the people she has learned to trust in the PIT die to save her.

HUNTER, a YA urban fantasy is a work in process. It's a stand alone novel with series potential.

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