Movie Review: Cold Skin


Title: Cold Skin

Genre: Horror

Release Date: September 7th, 2018 

My Rating: ★★☆☆

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10

Cast: Ray Stevenson, David Oakes, Aura Garrido


Summary from IMDB: 

A young man arrives at a remote island to take a post of weather observer only to find himself defending the watchtower from deadly creatures which live in the island shores.

IMDB Trailer


I've never seen a movie that had so little plot line with so much potential. I was really drawn into the summary of this story. A man taken to a remote island to take over as the weather observer, but when he gets there, the previous weather observer is missing. The only sign of life on the island, is a strange man that has turned the lighthouse into a stronghold. The newcomer quickly realizes why the man on the island has built himself such a fortress.

All throughout the movie, we get little hints of back story form both the characters, but nothing really is told. By the end of the movie, all you have are questions. What happened to old mans wife? Why are they under attack from these weird sea creatures? And the biggest question of all, why is old man so obsessed with staying on this island?

How can you have such an epic start and wonderful cinematics, with such a weak storyline?

If you just want to see weird sea creature carnage, then watch this movie. If that's not your thing, skip Cold Skin. Its not worth the time.

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