What I'm Reading This Week | #WeeklyMenu Week #291

Monday, Monday! Here we are again and what a week it has been. We are dealing with sickness again and the weather has decided to be cold with a hint of snow. Not enough to get anyone out of work and school, but just a dusting to give you the sense of winter, but not the satisfaction of it. Its driving me nuts. 

Anyway, my husband and I were able to see Captain Marvel. We've been planning this little outing for months now. Bought our tickets in advance and booked the ever elusive baby sitter. It was nice to get out for a few hours without having to worry about the boys. The stress of all the normal everyday routines builds up after a while and makes me crazy. That's the life with autism children. 

I finished Big Little Lies in like three days, it was that good of a book. I'm not trying to finish The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan and A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabalden this week, but that might be a little more than I can chew. We shall see. 







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