Revenge on Everyone | The Stiehl Assassin by Terry Brooks

Title: The Stiehl Assassin
By: Terry Brooks
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 368
Release Date: May 28th, 2019
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group

Summary from Goodreads: After The Black Elfstone and The Skaar Invasion comes the next chapter in the Fall of Shannara, a saga more than four decades in the making.

The Skaar have arrived in the Four Lands, determined to stop at nothing less than all-out conquest. They badly need a new home, but peaceful coexistence is not a concept they have ever understood. An advance force under the command of the lovely princess Ajin has already established a foothold, but now the full Skaar army is on the march--and woe betide any who stands in its way.

But perhaps the Skaar victory is not quite as much of a foregone conclusion as they all assume. The Druid Drisker Arc has freed both himself and Paranor from their involuntary exile. Drisker's student, Tarsha Kaynin, has been reunited with Dar, chief defender of what is left of the Druid order, and is learning to control her powerful Wishsong magic. If they can only survive Tarsha's brother and the Druid who betrayed Drisker Arc, they might stand a chance of defeating the Skaar. But that is a very big Tarsha's brother now carries the Stiehl--one of the most powerful weapons in all the Four Lands, and is determined to take his revenge on everyone he feels has wronged him.

Review: Another great installment from Terry Brooks. I always love anything to do with this series and this book didn't disappoint. Brooks has painted a wonderful story where we follow Drisker on another skin tingling adventure. This was a fairly quick read and that is why I love Brooks stories so much. They aren't the long drawn out epic fantasies. Don't get me wrong, I do love the epic fantasies, but a good short fantasy is a nice read every once and a while. Read this book. You won't be disappointed. 

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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