Menu: Week 146

Call me Grill Master! I learned a very important life skill over the weekend. I can now grill a burger on my propane grill that Jason bought for me. Don't ask me to use the charcoal grill yet, but maybe some day.

My sequel to my first novel Hunter, is coming along nicely. I have six chapters now in only a matter of weeks. I feel like its just flowing out of me. I guess there is something to be said for loving your characters and knowing them well.

This week is my middle child's birthday week. He is turning 6 and my husband bought him a bounce house for his party. He is super excited and so am I. I love that kid!

Enjoy this weeks menu!

Pot Roast

- Parmesan chicken and potatoes

- Spaghetti

- Baked Parmesan Chicken Nuggets

- Steak Fajitas

- Ronan's 6th birthday party

- Tuna Sandwiches

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