The Garden

This would be the first year my husband and I have attempted to grow a garden. And I do say attempted. We are great at getting the seeds to grow with our indoor green house, but the minute we take them outside, something terrible happens and we kill all the little plants. We've drowned them, baked them and had the Blue Jays pick them out of the ground. The cats keep digging them up and there is a opossum that nibbles on the stocks. We just can't win.

Even thought we've had to start over on a lot of our little plants, w still have a few that have managed to make it.

Exhibit A
  We have tomatoes, spinach, lemon cucumbers, carrots and radishes. There are also a few marigolds to help keep the bugs away from my tomato plants. They are starting to bloom. I do have to admit that I almost fried those too by leaving them in the sun too long without water. They all survived and look great now.

Exhibit B
Our new baby plants that will need to be put in the ground. Pumpkins (That the birds keep eating) bell peppers, sun flowers, snow peas, water melon and corn. When they all get a little bit bigger, we will plant them in the ground.

 My Marigold and a giant tomato plant. Can't wait for it to start growing tomatoes.

 Squash and my pea tee pee that my husband built for me. I can't wait until the snow peas grow up to the top. 

This is a sunflower pyramid. It should look really cool once the sunflowers actually grow. 

This is the paving stone that my boys made me for mother's day. I can't believe how big their feet are.

This summer is going to be interesting. I can't wait to see what actually grows and gives us fruits and veggies. Or will the wild life in the woods behind the house kill everything in spit of how hard we try.

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