Visit the bluffs

Oregon City is like an onion, it has layers. Yes, I just used a Shrek reference. At the very edge of the second layer, right where it meets the first, there is this amazing little place right on the bluffs. Its beautiful. Of course my husband and monsters use it for something other than a relaxing walk on a crisp winters day. Oh yes. They use it for mayhem! 
That would be my husband, with my middle son on his shoulders and you can't see my oldest son in front of him, but he is there. At first I wasn't so sure this was a good idea, but after they did it a bunch of times, who was I to stop them.
Of course I like to use the bluffs for something else.
Artsy, fartsy photo shots with my besty, but in the end, who could deny these faces.
If you would like to visit this awesome walk along the bluffs, park your car at 7th and high st. You can walk all the way down to the waterfall viewing area, which is always nice... Except for when it is raining. Feel free to share your photos from the bluff and see them posted here on my blog.

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