Visit Railroad Ave.

I'm always on the look out for crazy places to do photo shoots or try something amazing. I've lived in Oregon City until a few years ago when I got married to my hubby and I've passed this sign a million times. There was always one thing I've wanted to do, but could never find anyone as crazy as me to try it. That is until now. :) Welcome Liv!
It wasn't easy getting Her up there, let me tell you. We had a hand from my awesome and strong hubby, Jason. Kudos baby. And a helping hand from my baby sister, or should I say helping knees. It was a team effort.
But in the end, the shot was just as I had imagined. Love you Liv!!!!
Of course, what's a crazy photo shoot without some craziness going on. Teheheheh!!!!
Oh I can't wait for summer to come back so the craziness can continue.

If you would like to visit this really cool sign thing in Oregon City, head on over to Railroad Ave. and 8th street. And as always, share your photos of this cool location and I'll post them here for all to see. Its kinda like a scavenger hunt. Get out there and be crazy!

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