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Menu: Week 108

Its been another week and I'm kind of glad that summer is over. I'm ready for the cooler weather, the rain and the warm sweaters. Plus, who doesn't like pumpkin everything?

For this week's menu I have some amazingly delicious recipes for you. Also, check back on Wednesday for a sweet and sour pork recipe you have to try. It's delicious!

Enjoy this weeks menu.

- Mongolian beef

- Butter garlic chicken wings

- Southwestern taco salad

- Japanese hot cakes

- Parmesan pesto tuna melts

- Pork shnitzel

- Chicken Caesar salad

Winter is coming - and you're gonna need some boots

With my kids going back to school and the talk of cooler weather on the way, I have this urge to get all my winter boots out of the closet. Winter is my favorite season. Warm sweaters, tall boots and pumpkin everything. To get a jump on things, I've compiled a must have list of boots for the coming months.

These boots from Sole Society are only $89.95 and they come in many different colors. If you don't have a pair of gray ankle boots, you  need to get a pair.
Free people have these amazing boots for $285 and they also come in several colors. I would wear these boots on a hike or to a early winter bonfire.
Over at Modern Ego you can pick up these flannel boots for $46. That is super cheap and who doesn't need a pair of these in their wardrobe. I totally want them.
Combat boots are a huge part of my life. They are so comfortable. Check out this pair from
I would love to own this pair of boots. How cool is the yarn pattern? If you would like to buy them for me, I a…

Findings Friday

It's been a long week, but it's Friday again and I've found some awesome things to share with you.

I've been really into cute animals this week. If you want to check out some of the adorableness that I've found click here.If you want to know how to paint swallows on your walls, check this out. I know I wan't to.With fall fast approaching, everyone needs to pick up a few pairs of over sized warm socks.I have a pair of brown boots like this, but I might need to get me a gray pair. Plus they are a good price.I'm already thinking about Halloween so here is a list of 90's pop culture to get some inspiration from.If you're looking for some Harry Potter humor, check out this harry wizard list.I love Captain America and this fan art is amazing.There is a fall harvest wreath on this site that I want to make. It looks super awesome!Hedgehog necklace. Enough said.I would definitely wear this world map dress. It is the coolest thing I have seen this week. That&…

At Home in the Family Cabin

Today I am excited to share the family cabin with you. Its like a time machine from the 70's that you wont want to miss. We come here every year and it never changes.

 The walls are a soft salmon pink throughout the whole house, along with many golden trinkets and mirrors dotting the walls.

 What is a beach cabin without the many coastal nick nacks and art? These are lost of fun.

 One of the best pieces in the cabin is this lamp. Its made of a thick glass, tinted orange (My favorite color) and it hangs over a prime reading spot near the windows.

 A high backed couch adorned in a floral pattern. This is the place to read a book on a cool summer evening while you listen to the waves crash on the beach in the background.

 Love this clock. It wouldn't work in my house, but it fits in with the beach decor at the cabin.

 More gold over the well used fireplace. It keeps the place nice and cozy in the cool evenings.

 Another shot of the trinkets. You have to have little fat statues. I…

Book Review - Clariel by Garth Nix

Because of my busy schedule and corralling my three young monsters, I don't have a lot of time to read. While we were on vacation though, I made it a mission to finish a book. It took me all week but I did it.
The book I chose to immures myself in was by Garth Nix called Clariel.
I had been waiting for this book for a long time. There are three other main books in the series that I absolutely loved, along with a few short stories and novelettes.
Clariel is a prequel that addresses the issue of Charter magic vs. free magic. It's a very interesting concept that wasn't fully explored in the previous books.
The writing was amazing. Chocked full of description and world building. You get the sense that you are in the Old Kingdom while Clariel is thrust into a world that she knows nothing about. 
The beginning was a little slow. I didn't really get a sense of story until about the sixth or seventh chapter. After that the main character kept getting into trouble, but just when…

Menu: Week 107

With all the wild fires burning across the state and the wind blowing in my direction, it has been one hell of a week trying to get over this lung infection. The photo above was taken off my front porch on Sunday night. The sunset was a dark red from all the smoke and the air smelled like I had been standing in a camp fire for days. We stayed inside all day, only venturing out to take this photo.
I hope everyone is staying safe as the summer slows down. Keep the firefighters who are risking their lives everyday to battle the fires in your thoughts and prayers, and hope that the good old Oregon rainy season hurries it up a little. We need it!
Enjoy this weeks menu.
- Sweat and sour pork

- Skirt steak and baked potatoes

- Cajun chicken alfredo

- Beef stroganoff

- Crock Pot Chicken Caesar Wraps

- Spaghetti

- Family Dinner - Skirt steak and baked potato bar

Visitors Guide to Cannon Beach, Oregon

Updated August 2016
We visit Cannon Beach every year and every year there is something new to look at, do and eat. Over the years we have been to many establishments and had good and bad experiences alike. I have compiled a list of places we've been around town and would recommend to anyone traveling down the Oregon coast soon.

Eats - 

Pelican Brewing - This place has only been open in Cannon Beach for three months, but it is an excellent place to eat. The pricing ranges anywhere from $10 a plate to $25 a plate and the kids meals are around $8, but the food is amazing and well worth the cost. We took the kids here for lunch when we arrived and were very impressed. 

My husband got the 14 hour smoked Tri Tip the first time we went. I tried it and it was extremely tender and full of flavor. The second time we went (For our 10 year wedding anniversary) My husband got the Salmon flat bread which was like a pizza and I got the most amazing mac and cheese ever. I loved it.

They also brew th…

Cannon Beach Snapshots

Every year in August, my family heads to the family cabin at the coast. It's a little hideaway where we can relax and spend some time together away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

We went for an entire week this year, spending time at our favorite shops and places to eat. I will have a post about great places to visit soon, but for now here are some snap shots from our vacation.