Menu: Week 107

With all the wild fires burning across the state and the wind blowing in my direction, it has been one hell of a week trying to get over this lung infection. The photo above was taken off my front porch on Sunday night. The sunset was a dark red from all the smoke and the air smelled like I had been standing in a camp fire for days. We stayed inside all day, only venturing out to take this photo.

I hope everyone is staying safe as the summer slows down. Keep the firefighters who are risking their lives everyday to battle the fires in your thoughts and prayers, and hope that the good old Oregon rainy season hurries it up a little. We need it!

Enjoy this weeks menu.

- Sweat and sour pork

- Skirt steak and baked potatoes

- Cajun chicken alfredo

- Beef stroganoff

- Crock Pot Chicken Caesar Wraps

- Spaghetti

- Family Dinner - Skirt steak and baked potato bar

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