At Home in the Family Cabin

Today I am excited to share the family cabin with you. Its like a time machine from the 70's that you wont want to miss. We come here every year and it never changes.

 The walls are a soft salmon pink throughout the whole house, along with many golden trinkets and mirrors dotting the walls.

 What is a beach cabin without the many coastal nick nacks and art? These are lost of fun.

 One of the best pieces in the cabin is this lamp. Its made of a thick glass, tinted orange (My favorite color) and it hangs over a prime reading spot near the windows.

 A high backed couch adorned in a floral pattern. This is the place to read a book on a cool summer evening while you listen to the waves crash on the beach in the background.

 Love this clock. It wouldn't work in my house, but it fits in with the beach decor at the cabin.

 More gold over the well used fireplace. It keeps the place nice and cozy in the cool evenings.

 Another shot of the trinkets. You have to have little fat statues. It's a must!

And of course there are the little cups. They barely fit in your hand, but they are great for sipping your favorite beverage. Just forget about quenching your thirst though, there isn't one cup big enough for that.

We had a blast this year in the cabin. I can't wait to go back again next August.

If you have a home or special spot you would like me to feature, please send some photos to me at shendersonphoto(at) I look forward to hearing from you.

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