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What I'm reading this week and the #WeeklyMenu Week #254

Welcome back to Monday. We had a wonderful first full week of summer break. The boys and I ran into a cool event at our local library. It was a park and play... or something like that. The local fire department and police force were out with all their cool vehicles. The boys got to sit in them and talk to the police and fire fighters. Their favorite part was trying to find who had the cool stickers. 

Saturday, my husband and I took a mini vacation and went to a friends wedding in Scappoose, OR. There isn't much there, but cow poop and air planes. We did find a llama and it made some weird noises. The weather was strange. Rain, sun, rain, sun. Come on, Oregon. Pick one.
My husband and I like to play a game. If we were to open a shop in this little town, what would it be called. I came up with the "Scap and Poose." A hole in the wall bar. "You want to go down to the Scap and Poose and get a beer?"

What I'm reading this week...
This week I'm reading The Rag…

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