Book Review: The Empowering ADHD workbook for Women by Estelle Rose

My book review of The Empowering ADHD Workbook for Women by Estelle Rose. A must-have for any woman seeking to better understand and manage her ADHD.

Title: The Empowering ADHD Workbook for Women

By: Estelle Rose

Genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 240

Release Date: May 11th, 2024

Publisher: Independently published

Rating: ★★★★★



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The Empowering ADHD Workbook for Women by Estella Rose is an invaluable resource that offers a comprehensive and compassionate approach to managing ADHD. Tailored specifically for women, this workbook is a treasure trove of evidence-based techniques and actionable tools designed to improve executive function, relationships, self-esteem, and emotional regulation.

From the very first page, it's evident that Rose understands the unique challenges faced by women with ADHD. The workbook begins by addressing the common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding ADHD, particularly how they affect women differently. This sets a reassuring tone, making readers feel seen and understood.

One of the standout features of this workbook is its practicality. Rose doesn't just offer theoretical advice; she provides concrete, actionable steps that can be implemented immediately. Each chapter is filled with exercises, self-assessment tools, and real-life examples that make the content relatable and easy to apply. The techniques for improving executive function are particularly noteworthy, offering strategies to enhance time management, organization, and focus.

The sections on relationships and self-esteem are equally empowering. Rose delves into the social and emotional aspects of living with ADHD, offering guidance on how to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and build healthier relationships. Her advice is compassionate and realistic, acknowledging the difficulties while providing hope and practical solutions.

Emotional regulation is another critical area addressed in this workbook. Rose's techniques for managing stress, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm are rooted in cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness practices. These methods are presented in a clear, step-by-step manner, making them accessible even to those new to these concepts.

In conclusion, The Empowering ADHD Workbook for Women by Estella Rose is a must-have for any woman seeking to better understand and manage her ADHD. Its blend of evidence-based techniques, practical tools, and compassionate insights make it a standout resource. Whether you're newly diagnosed or have been living with ADHD for years, this workbook offers invaluable support and guidance. For its thoroughness, practicality, and empathetic approach, it deserves a full five stars.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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