Life Confessions: Post #7


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Another lifestyle post that is going to be huge.

As most of you know, we took our boys on vacation last week. It was a blast although tiering.

Day 1

Our hotel room was right on the beach with a wonderful view of the ocean. Although I'm a little disappointed that we didn't have a balcony to sit and sip our wine and watch the world pass by, there was a table by the windows where I could soak up the sun for a while and sip out of my plastic hotel room cup. I did notice that none of the other hotels along the promenade had balconies either, so I'm assuming when those buildings were built, balconies weren't a thing. Good to know for next time.

On a side note, we watched a wedding from the window, so that was fun.

The first day started out with a long drive. We had the car soo packed full of our gear and the dog, it was like riding in a clown car, but we made it. We don't usually take the dog on trips with us, but for personal reasons I will not be sharing, she came along with us this time and I'm pretty sure she had a blast.

Our first stop was the Tilamook Cheese Factory. If you are from the PNW, you just know. This is one of my favorite places on the coast and of course, I picked up a pack of cheese curd to go with my Marth Stewart wine... :D
Lunch was at Seaside Brewing Company. Fun fact: The building used to be the old jail.

The food was decent, but it was hot out and we had to eat outside so the dog wasn't left in the hot car. She of course wanted to talk to every other dog that was out there, which was a lot. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea we did.
We finished off the day with a trip to the Seaside Aquarium. Its still as shitty as last time, but the boys love to feed the seals. You would think with the amount they charge everyone to enter, they would spend some money on updates, but no...

Day 2

Day two was all for play. They boys had already spotted activities they wanted to do. First on the list was bumper cars. After watching how hard those cars smashed into each other (Glad I decided not to go on them) I wondered if I should have let my brain injured child go, but I was assured he could go back to normal activates now. Not sure how normal bumper cars are though.

My youngest said he would give the bumper cars 10 out of 10, but would never go on them again. You and me both, child.

We then hit up the arcade before lunch which was at Mo's. If you haven't been to a Mo's you need to go. They are all over the Oregon Coast and at the Portland airport, so if you are passing through, check it out.

After lunch was more arcade. I've come to the conclusion, my children are too talk for the games. They had to hunch over to hit the controls.

We spent as much time as we could having fun in town and on the beach. We are all worn out and glad to be home... Even the dog.

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