Book Review: Mother's Who Can't Love by Susan Forward

 A book review on Mothers Who Can't Love: A Healing Guide for Daughters by Susan Forward.

Title: Mothers Who Can't Love

By: Susan Forward

Genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 304

Release Date: October 1st, 2014

Publisher: Harper

Rating: ★★★★★


Summary from Goodreads:

With Mothers Who Can't Love: A Healing Guide for Daughters, Susan Forward, Ph.D., author of the smash #1 bestseller Toxic Parents, offers a powerful look at the devastating impact unloving mothers have on their daughters—and provides clear, effective techniques for overcoming that painful legacy.

In more than 35 years as a therapist, Forward has worked with large numbers of women struggling to escape the emotional damage inflicted by the women who raised them. Subjected to years of criticism, competition, role-reversal, smothering control, emotional neglect and abuse, these women are plagued by anxiety and depression, relationship problems, lack of confidence and difficulties with trust. They doubt their worth, and even their ability to love.

Forward examines the Narcissistic Mother, the Competitive Mother, the Overly Enmeshed mother, the Control Freak, Mothers who need Mothering, and mothers who abuse or fail to protect their daughters from abuse.

Filled with compelling case histories, Mothers Who Can’t Love outlines the self-help techniques Forward has developed to transform the lives of her clients, showing women how to overcome the pain of childhood and how to act in their own best interests.

Warm and compassionate, Mothers Who Can’t Love offers daughters the emotional support and tools they need to heal themselves and rebuild their confidence and self-respect.


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I picked up this book to try and understand my husband and the relationship he has with his mother. Although I now hold a deep heartache for his lost childhood, I now know more about how I can help and how I can give him the love that he deserved.

There are a lot of in-depth insights that made a lot of sense and were written in a way that was easy to understand, but didn't bore me to death. 

Favorite Quote:

"You are not allowed to have a life that doesn't involve me. You are not allowed to keep any secrets from me. You must never love anyone more than you love me. If you don't want what I want, it means you don't love me."

I rated this book 5 stars out of 5. There was so much to learn and understand in this book. Even if you felt the love of your mother as a child, there is something to understand here about other's who don't. The compassion that I learned, I will share with my children, and I will try not to make those same mistakes.

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