Books to Movies: The Viscount Who Loved Me/Bridgerton Season 2

Although this is not a movie, but a show, the Bridgerton series has wowed the world again with season 2. I have to say, I have been sucked into this wonderfully sexy world myself.

I found both book and season 2 equally enjoyable in their own way and as a whole. 

Julia Quinn has an amazing writing style that keeps you involved in the characters lives, even though the pomp and circumstance can seem a little cumbersome at times. How glad I am to be living in the society we are living in now. I don't think I could survive being so proper. 

The story between the hottie older brother, Anthony and the wonderfully Whitty and hot headed Kate Sheffield is incredibly intricate. At one point toward the end, I thought all hope was lost for the two to be romantically involved. And even thought they both had their duties to perform, somehow, they couldn't overcome those pesky feelings of love they had for each other.

I would recommend both the book and the TV series in no particular order to anyone who loves a good forbidden romance.

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