Podcast Review: Haunted Road with Amy Bruni


Title: Haunted Road

Genre: Paranormal

Host: Amy Bruni

Listen On: Spotify

About: Most people know Amy Bruni from the hit paranormal investigation TV shows Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunters. In Haunted Road, her first ever podcast series, she'll take fans of the paranormal on an audio journey—first through the history of a prominent haunted location, and then into a conversation with real investigators who have actually been there.


This is the first podcast I have listened to. There has always been so much going on during my day, that I've not found the time until now to try it out. Of course, I picked something I am familiar with.

What I love about this podcast is the history of the location. Amy Bruni has a wonderful reading voice that sooths you into a trance while she tells you about a haunted building and its tragic background. After the history, Bruni interviews someone who is connected with the location and the swap scary stories from past investigations.

My love for the paranormal and history is sated in this podcast and I'm glad this was my first choice.

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