Sunday Confessions #134


Happy February!

I've given up trying to keep track of time and I'm just going with the flow these days. It seems like every time I turn around its been another month and my kids are almost as tall as I am. Good grief.

Lets recap last week on the blog.


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Sunday Confessions #135

Still reading Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. Its an extremely thick book, but loving every page.

I also picked up The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix this weekend. Love this author and can't wait to dive into it.

I recently picked up Janet Jackson's number ones album from my local library and have been jamming out to it all week. Currently listening to That's the Way Love Goes.

My eleven year old and I have been binging Paranormal Caught on Camera today, and we came across a video of a moose running as fast as a boat on a river. It was an impressive video, but they deemed the moose "Jesus Moose" since it seemed to be running on water...

Is this the junk we call paranormal now?!

I'm a big fan of Ghosts and the paranormal, but this show takes all the explainable video clips and tries to convince you that they are real by bringing in some highly respected Cryptozoologist. I mean, I could call myself a cryptozoologist and have it be totally legit. There is no schooling for that. Good grief... I still love it though...

I decided recently to start a more personal blog to highlight some of the fun things my family and I are up to two years into a pandemic. Thought it would be fun. 

This week I share our experience at Corner 14, a food cart pod opened in my hometown. We've never been there in the year of its operation, but there's no better time than now. 

Not sure if you would find this weird, but we probably have over 10 different kinds of mustard in our fridge. With all that mustard power, I found this delicious recipe from Rachel at Modern Farmhouse Eats.

This recipe has earned its place on my most delicious recipes list found here

10/100 2022 Reading Challenge

What a wonderful week. Hope yours was filled with books and happiness. Happy reading!

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