Weekly Menu #419 And The Book Of The Week


Hello Monday. Welcome back to Book Confessions.

I realized this week, that the kids are going back to school soon and we are not prepared. No supplies have been purchased and we have two kids going to new schools this year. They haven't had a chance to walk the halls and familiarize themselves with their classrooms. This is huge for autistic kids to be comfortable. I'm hoping we will get the chance to check things out right before school starts, otherwise this school year is going to get off to a rough start.

This weeks read is A Seaside Summer by Josi S. Kilpack. I've had good experiences with Kilpack's books before, so looking forward to jumping into this one to see what I see.

Lets get to this weeks menu. Enjoy!



Feta Spinach Chicken Patties



French Toast



Vodka Sauce Spaghetti



Salmon and Green Bean Foil Packs



Instant Pot Pad Thai



Dagwood Sandwiches



Leftovers Night


  1. I like the cover of A Seaside Summer. Hope you will enjoy it. Going back to school is not easy at all this year. For nobody. Wishing you and your kids good luck and that they can start to enjoy their time there at some point. Happy reading.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully the boys will settle in quickly, but its been so long since they've been in a school setting, I imagine its going to be like Kindergarten all over again, lol.

  2. The cover of A Seaside Summer looks gorgeous! School crept up on me too and we homeschool so it's been a scramble! I hope you get caught up! The beginning of school is crazy! Have a great week!

    1. I think when having school creep up on you when you homeschool is almost worse. Not only do you have to prep the kids, but you have to prep yourself and your curriculum. From someone who was homeschooled, best of luck to you!