Book Shelf Confessions July 2021


Another month of reading is half way through and its been a while since I dove into my recent requests and what I'm waiting on, so here are the books I'm waiting on and some of the books I've recently received.

Still waiting on The Rooftop Party and Live Your life from Netgalley. At this point, its been a month and I'm still not approved so I will more than likely not receive copies, but I did receive live your life from the library and read it already, so I got it either way.

Take me with you when you go sounds so good, and I already received approval for this book, but it came in the form of a shared PDF type form which I haven't used before and its not compatible with my reading app.

Well, my library holds went a little wild this last month, but they all look so go. The only books on this list that are the same from last month are the last four. 

Received all these books directly from the publishers. Can't wait to dive into them.

My reading is picking up and my reviews and library books keep pouring in. I... LOVE.... IT...!

How many books have you picked up this month?

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