Weekly Menu #391 And The Book Of The Week


Well, that was the worst five days ever! Our part of Oregon had a huge winter storm, lots of ice and snow. Of course you don't hear about it because Texas also had a huge storm, but the difference is, they can't seem to handle the cold. 

Our power went out on Friday night, we didn't get it back until Tuesday night, just in time for a hot dinner. My family and I, struggled to stay warm and find entertainment for our neurotypical children. They were thrown out of balance since there was no normalcy. It was rough. We made it through though and here we are. 

This weeks book is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It was one of the only books on my book shelf that I actually hadn't read, and since there wasn't much else to do without power, I dove in. 

The menu this week is of course shorter than normal, since half the week is already gone, but maybe you can get some use out of it. Please enjoy this abbreviated version.



Power Out



Power Out



Taco Salad



Instant Pot Potato Soup



Taco Soup






Leftovers Night

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