Weekly Menu #368 And The Book Of The Week

Monday. I don't know how we got back here...

School starts tomorrow for my boys. Its been a long six months on quarantine and guess what?... I get to teach my kids until at least November. It's not that I'm not fully capable and willing to be my kids teacher, but its really hard to work from home with those loud mouths running around below me. Our loft upstairs is completely open to the living room. It's where my office is, and my two younger munchkins love to laugh with each other and make weird noises with their mouths. Its strange, for sure.

This weeks read is The Vanishing Sky by Annette Binder. This book came onto my radar recently and I finally got my pretty little hands on it. Its fairly short so should only take me a few hours to read. I'm looking forward to it. Love historical fiction.

Wish me luck this week. 

Here is your menu. Enjoy!


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