Weekly Menu #341 And The Book Of The Week

Monday! Welcome back. It was  a long week and I'm hoping this week will be better. My youngest has been having some trouble at school which is out of the ordinary for him. He's usually a sweet and quiet child, that always has a smile on his face. Last week, I was at school everyday because he was acting like a bear.

I think something switched with him on Saturday. He's been smiling nonstop and his attitude has been amazing. I'm hoping this is the start of my sweet baby boy coming back. My running theory is when he was having issues with his tummy, he wasn't getting the vitamins and nutrients from his food like he was supposed to. I've been pumping him full of vitamins over the last couple of days and its been like night and day with him. Cross your fingers.

This weeks book is Date me, Bryson Keller by Kevin Van Whye. Its a review book I picked up from the publisher and I'm excited to dive into its covers. Review will be coming so make sure you check back in a week or two.

Lets get on to the menu. Enjoy!








Leftovers Night

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