Weekly Menu #322 And The Book Of The Week

Monday... Again... Last week was the longest week ever. The whole family was sick at one point or another. I stayed home from work for many days trying to get them all well and that makes me behind on my work. I'm a little stressed.

On another note, I've been looking into my autoimmune disorder and there are certain things that can possible bother my stomach if I eat them. So, I've cut out sugar, gluten (Which I've been off of for years) and most dairy, to try and see how I feel. Something is happening because I've lost six lbs in the last week. Not sure if its because its helping my stomach or just because I'm not eating sugar. Probably a bit of both.

This weeks book is Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. My mom recommended this read to me and so far, its really good. Lets dive into it together.

Alright, here is this weeks menu. Enjoy!







Leftovers Night

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