Weekly Menu #312 And The Book Of The Week

Hello and welcome back to Monday! We love Monday's around here... Or do we? It just signifies another long week ahead, and who is ready for that? Not me. 

We had so much fun this last week. Between school supply shopping, a trip to the Molalla train park and work, I'm completely exhausted. The trains were the best part though, small trains just wide enough for my mommy hips, but not big enough for my long ass legs. Fun though. 

The boys loved it too. They begged to get back on the trains over and over again. Several rides later, I think I finally got them to eat something. 

In other musings, this weeks book is The Raven's Heart by Jesse Blackadder. It happens to be the oldest book on my TBR list and i thought it was about time I whittle away at some old books. This one sounded really interesting and I do love historic fiction. 
This weeks menu looks delicious, so please enjoy!







Leftovers Night

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