Mini Reviews: A Whole New World, Warm Bodies, The Last Book Party

Who's ready for some mini reviews? I have three more books that weren't good enough to warrant a whole review for themselves. I didn't feel strongly about these books although they weren't terrible reads. You might have read them, you might not. Maybe you watched the movies, maybe you didn't. If you have any opinions on these books, please leave them in the comments. I would love to know what you thought about these books. I think the purpose of these mini reviews is because I have read way to much lately and built up a treasure trove of books to review and it would take me months of posting every single day to get through them all, lol.

A Whole New World

(Twisted Tales #1)

By Liz Braswell


The beginning of this book followed the Disney version of Aladdin almost word for word, but half way through it morphed into something new. I really liked the second half. It showed Aladdin and Jasmine in new rolls as protectors of the kingdom and warriors as they fight Jaffar who is a huge butt hole. It was entertaining.

Warm Bodies

(Warm Bodies #1)

By Isaac Marion


I liked the movie, but I loved the book. This is a really unique concept and play on the zombie world. We all know that zombies are dead people, but never thought they could fall in love and come back to life. This was a fun story that had a fun ending. 

The Last Book Party

By Karen Dukess


There was a very uppity kind of vibe with this book and although I enjoyed the story it wasn't my favorite. Still worth the read if you like a contemporary fiction with little story line.

Well, that has been another installment of less than book reviews. I have to say, I really did love Warm Bodies, but there just wasn't enough that I felt like saying about it. What was the last book you felt half thrilled about?