Make Her Own Fate | Sherwood by Meagan Spooner

Title: Sherwood
By: Meagan Spooner
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 496
Release Date: March 19th, 2018
Publisher: HarperTeen

Summary from Goodreads: Robin of Locksley is dead. 

When news comes that he's fallen in battle at the King's side in the Holy Land, Maid Marian doesn’t know how she’ll go on. Betrothed to Robin, she was free to be herself, to flout the stifling rules of traditional society and share an equal voice with her beloved when it came to caring for the people of her land.

Now Marian is alone, with no voice of her own. The people of Locksley, persecuted by the Sheriff of Nottingham, are doomed to live in poverty or else face death by hanging. The dreadful Guy of Gisborne, the Sherriff’s right hand, wishes to step into Robin’s shoes as Lord of Locksley, and Marian’s fiancĂ©. Society demands that she accept her fate, and watch helplessly as her people starve.

When Marian dons Robin's green cloak, and takes up his sword and bow, she never intended that anyone should mistake her for Robin, returned from the Holy Land as a vigilante. She never intended that the masked, cloaked figure she created should stand as a beacon of hope and justice to peasant and noble alike. She never intended to become a legend.

But all of Nottingham is crying out for a savior. So Marian must choose to make her own fate and become her own hero...

Robin Hood.

Review: Could it be, another Robin Hood retelling? That was my thought when I first picked up this book. The story started off like any other story, but what made it unique was the twist it took a few chapters in. Can Marian really take over the roll of Robin Hood and get away with it>

Through the whole book there is a feeling that Robin really isn't dead and that he is going to show up at any moment. He's lurking around every corner and hiding in every shadow. That alone is enough to make you keep reading. 

The story has all the elements of a normal Robin Hood, but with the wonderful twist that Meagan Spooner has created. I loved this book. One of the best I've read all year. I'm excited to pick up another story by this author and I know you will love this book too.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

This book receives the Blogger's Choice Award

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