What I'm Reading This Week | #WeeklyMenu Week #269

I got the Mondays!.. Welcome back. This is the place where I dump all my emotion and stories. A place where I can feel free to be myself. I love this place. I love you coming to this place to enjoy the same things as I do.

We had a rough start to this last week. My middle son is still trying to figure out where he stands at school, being the new kid in the class and the youngest. It's been a struggle, but I've been doing some reading about the Edison Gene and I think it will really help the way we deal with him in the future and how he learns to deal with others. Even though we just started this new life, I can see the difference in my boy. He is more receptive to suggestions and less aggravated with all of us. He had two wonderful days at school at the end of the week. Hurrah!

This weeks book is The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. My coworker suggested this read to me. She is currently reading it and loves every bit of it. I'm excited to read it and let you all know what I think.







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