Steak and Minestrone Soup | #WeeklyMenu Week #217

Its Monday again and October 1st. I can't believe we are already on a count down to Christmas. For those of you who don't know, there are only twelve weeks until Christmas. Don't be alarmed! It will be ok.

My first job is to get through Halloween and then I will start thinking about Christmas. My oldest asked to be a Creeper from Minecraft again, but I remember last year when he had the box head, I ended up carrying it all over the neighborhood. That's not happening this year. He's going to have to pick something a little less cumbersome.

Well, this week has a lot of chicken on it because my husband has high cholesterol and needs to cut back on red meats. He is super exceited... Not! 

Enjoy this weeks menu!




- Steak and Potatoes




Tuna Sandwiches

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