Knowing that he is Deaf | Weekly Confessions #8

I don't know why this week seemed so much more busy than any other week, but it did. There is a good chance its because of the emotional strain we've been under. At least the new week is coming and we get to start over, but little good that will go if we're still drained.

Lets move on to this weeks book and see what I've been reading. 

 Did you know I only read one book this week? I know, I'm surprised too. I just looked back on my Goodreads and noticed my lack of activity this week. I guess that goes hand in hand with my opening statement and the drain i'm under. 

The book I did read was good. Sparked by . I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. My review will post next week sometime, so make sure you check back.

Lets move on to my confessions...

To speak on my emotions this week. My youngest son went to see an audiologist this week. We've been concerned that he wasn't hearing as well as he should be, even though the critics said it was because he was four, but as a mother, there was a sense that something wasn't right. I didn't respond to us calling him and his speech sounds strange and is hard to understand most the time.

We've been talking to his doctors since he was little, but they kept telling us that they could test him, but if he's not old enough to respond when he hears something, then the test is inconclusive. So we waited. Finally, on Monday, my little boy took his test and we finally have answers. I wasn't crazy. He has significant hearing loss in both ears.

Things still aren't clear as to what is really causing the hearing loss, we will need to see an ENT for that, but we have a direction. The audiologist was hopeful that this is fixable, but he will need speech therapy to help him speak properly. Its going to be a long road, but we will get through it.

 I'm in love with my writing this week. Twenty three chapters down. It's going well and I finally found stride and am excited to write these days.

This week has been concluded. I have confessed all my sins and now I will leave you with this weeks emotions in a picture.

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