Sausage, Peppers and Onions | #WeeklyMenu Week #221

Hello, and welcome back to another Monday. Its been a busy week and this  coming week is going to be just as busy. Many doctors apts and Halloween to deal with.

Last week, my youngest son saw an ENT to figure out what to do about his hearing. The doctor determined that my son was in bad enough condition to get him right in for surgery to correct the problem. We were at the hospital two days later.

The surgery went well. Within an hour, my little man was sitting quietly in a chair in his recovery room, listening to sounds that he had never heard before. There was a bird outside his wind. Nurses talking quietly in the hallway. The sound of the AC coming on behind him. His little eyes would dart toward those sounds as he realized what he could hear. It was a great moment for him.

That boy is going to do amazing things. 

This week he starts seeing his speech therapist to help him talk better. We've already started seeing a difference now that he can hear himself clearly, but this will give him the tools he needs to succeed. 

I hope your week goes well. Please, enjoy this weeks menu!








Tuna Sandwiches

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