Peep and Egg Time | Happy Halloween

I'm going to give you an amazing episode of the Kids Corner, the Halloween addition. Just because I have kids and I love Halloween.

There are early readers in my house, so I've been picking out new books to read with them everyday they have school. Its been a lot of fun. We've read some really fun and awesome books lately. One of my favorite is the one I'm going to share with you today.

Peep and Egg - I'm Not Trick-or-treating. This cute little story is about two little chicks. One who is excited to trick-or-treat and the other who is scared of everything. 

Peep tries to convince Egg that trick-or-treating is fun, but Egg is scared of everything. Of course, in the end Egg goes with Peep, but it is a fun journey getting there. 

My seven year old who struggles with reading was really into this story. He was able to read the book from start to finish in one sitting and the words were easy enough for him to sound out.

This story is our new Halloween Favorite to read with the boys. 

What is your go to Halloween read? Do you normally stick something more gentle like Peep and Egg, or are you hard core and go straight for the Stephen King? Share you favorite stories in the comments.   

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