Beauty and the Beast #BookTag

I've finally jumped on the book tag train. I know, its taken me a while, but life has been crazy around here in the House of Chaos. 

This book tag is Beauty and the Beast themed. I recently watched the movie and it was a little lack luster for me. They could have picked a better actor for the Beast. I did love Bell and the music was grand. The new song from Celine Dion, to die for.

Ok, lets get on with the good stuff.

The original tag was created by Du Livre but I found it over at Dreamland Book Blog. Make sure you stop by their pages for more fun.

1. A Villain You Can't Help But Love

For anyone who has read this book, you all know that Rhysand seems to be the villain, but he turns into a very sexy hero in the end. In the first book though, you have to love to hate him... Even though I love him... 

2. Your OTP

I am in love with Clair and Jamie from Outlander. The show is a regular staple on my Sunday nights and the books adorn my shelves at home. How can you live without a good romance? 

3. A Character Who's Destined For Greater Things

One of my favorite books that I've read this year is The Diabolic. The main character Nemesis is considered less than human, but yet, she overcomes the stigma of being a diabolic and learns how to love. She is definitely destined for greater things.
4. A Character Who's More Than They Appear

I would have to throw one of my favorite authors out there and say that Celaena from Throne of Glass is really not what she appears. Is she an assassin or a princess on the run? I don't know... 
And that's all I got today. The boys are calling for their dinner and the dog needs some love. Next time I promise to give you more than four answers. Please Join me on this book tag, and feel free to add more questions to the list. Make sure you tag me so I can stop by and comment.

Have a wonderful day my book friends.

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