Weekly Confessions #6 | Fire, Hurricanes and Books

Who's ready for some confessions? Are you? Are you really? Ok, fine.

I have a lot to share with you in the book and life categories. The first week of school is finally over and work has been crazy. I'm happy to have a few days off, but as usual it will be filled with house work and shopping. Yeah for me. Adulting!

Lets get on with the good stuff. First category is...

I've been working through my review books this week trying to bust them out so I don't have to worry about them. That means a lot of reviews on the blog. I am sorry about that, but deal. This weeks reads include A plague of zombies by Diana Gabaldon, a short little novella in the Lord John Grey series. Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw, which I have been dying to get my hands on and I loved it. Make sure you read my review. Artemis by Andy Atlantis: The king's return. I wasn't too thrilled about this one, but you can't win them all. If you want to know more about this last one, make sure you stop back by in a few days for the review.
Weir. A thrilling sci-fi that had me on the edge of my seat. To round off the weekend,

There are a lot of fun books coming up in the next week so stay tuned. Stories such as, A murder in time. Black City and The Immortals. It looks like its going to be a book club kind of week.

Make sure you join my book club so you can keep up with all the awesome books I post about. It's mostly geared toward helping you read those books on your TBR pile. I'd love to see you there and find out what you're reading.

Alright, next on the agenda...

Oh snap! It's confession time.

Angels Rest
One of the big issues that's been on my mind this past week is the huge fire that is burning out of control in the Oregon Gorge. Oregon is my state. My home. I've been to the Gorge many times and love the hikes that show off the beauty of our part of the world. Now its a chard ruin of what it once was.

Maybe one day we will get back to the Gorge and see how the fire has changed things, but it will probably be a while before they open the trails up again. There is still a lot of clean up left to do.

I feel like the world is ending. The fires in the Gorge. Hurrican Irma. The earthquake in Mexico. Why world? Why?

In other news, my husband tried to smash his head in with a fence post driver. Ended up with seven staples in his head.

Ok, I'm thoroughly depressed. Lets see if we can come up with something a little more fun...

What's more fun than writing? For a most of you there's probably a lot that's more fun, but for me, writing is where its at. Sadly, I didn't get to do much of it this week. Mostly because I had to make up  the time I missed at work. Maybe next week.

I did though come up with a few new ideas, but they really do me no good if I don't have the time to write them. Life...

Ok, what's next...

So, this week on the blog...

  1. I finally got my hands on Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw and I loved it.
  2. I gave you 5 books to read about fire, just because my state is burning.
  3. We watched the movie Colossal and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.
  4. I read November Girl. My favorite month of the year.
  5. Read a fellow Evernight Teen author's book, Desperate.
  6. And of course, here is your menu for last week.
To finish things out, I must confess that this is how I feel.

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