Catching up with Sarah J. Maas - my life with books

I've fallen behind a lot with reading great books over the years. As a mother holding down a full time job and trying to find time to write my own novels, it takes a toll after a while. When do I pick up a book and dive into the pages? When do I get to relax with a cup of coffee and a good read? I start my day at five and am exhausted and asleep by eight. Books were not an option.

Last year I received a promotion at work where I get to be in the back office and not out on the floor with our members. This has given me the great opportunity to listen to audio books while I work. That's eight hours a day five days a week (sometimes more) of wonderful reading.

Now that I have the means, I get to mush through my TRB pile and read those back log books I've been watching every one else rave about for years. A new series for me the last few months is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. I'm completely in love with the world and the characters. I just finished book three and am ready to continue the series in book four.

I'd like to say this to all the mom's out there who spend all their time and energy on their family and feel run down and needing a break. Find time for yourself. Listen to an audio book while you clean the kitchen, or put in a book on CD on that long drive to work. Use that time to escape from reality for a while.

Your local library is an awesome source for literature. Lots of libraries now have digital ebook and audiobook downloads. You can put them right on your phone with the Overdrive app that is free. Don't be like the old me and let wonders pass you by.

How do you read? Do you listen to audiobooks? Connect with me in the comments below.

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