#BookReview - Free Space by Sean Danker

Title: Free Space
By: Sean Danker
Genre: Scifi
Release Date: May 2nd, 2017
Publisher: Ace Books

Summary from Goodreads: "I'd impersonated a prince, temporarily stopped a war, escaped a deadly planet, and survived more assassination attempts than I could conveniently count. After all that, there shouldn't have been anything simpler than a nice weekend with a charming Evagardian girl. 

However, some corners of the galaxy aren't as genteel as the Empire, and Evagardians aren't universally loved, which is how I ended up kidnapped to be traded as a commodity. 

Their timing couldn't have been worse. I'm not at my best, but these people have no idea whom they're dealing with: a highly trained, genetically engineered soldier in the Imperial Service who happens to be my date."

Review: Epic! I love space odysseys and Sean Danker as brought another awesome drama to life. Free Space is full of suspense and OMG moments that will blow you away. The characters had depth and the story moved at a steady pace.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Firefly.

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