#BookReview - Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell

Title: Garden of Thorns
By: Amber Mitchell
Genre: Fantasy 
Release Date: March 6th, 2017
Publisher: Entangled Teen

Summary from Goodreads: After seven grueling years of captivity in the Garden—a burlesque troupe of slave girls—sixteen-year-old Rose finds an opportunity to escape during a performance for the emperor. But the hostage she randomly chose from the crowd to aid her isn’t one of the emperor’s men—not anymore. He’s the former heir to the throne, who is now leading a rebellion against it.

Rayce is a wanted man and dangerously charismatic, the worst person for Rose to get involved with, no matter what his smile promises. But he assumes Rose’s attempt to take him hostage is part of a plot to crush the rebellion, so he takes her as his hostage. Now Rose must prove where her loyalties lie, and she offers Rayce a deal—if he helps her rescue the other girls, she’ll tell him all the Garden’s secrets.

Except the one secret she’s kept for seven years that she’ll take to her grave if she must.

Review: Epic! I loved everything about this book. The story was unique and the characters had so much color and depth. The love story was touching, but not overwhelming like so many are. There was mystery in Rose's background, and it kept me wondering what her big secret was. I kept scream, "Tell him. You need to tell him." When she finally did, I was able to exhale a sigh of relief. Five stars for Garden of Thorns! Can't wait to read more from Amber Mitchell.

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