Holiday Crafting

Every once and a while I like to do some crafting. In the past I haven't had the time or room to decorate for the holidays, but this year I have a new home and I'm super excited to fill my space.

I picked a few crafts that are easy and fun to do. They don't take a lot of time and even the kids can get in on the fun.

First up, we have the ever popular Thanksgiving turkeys made by my boys. Their Nana helped them with the construction, but the boys really got into the designing.

Thanks Nana!

I really like the three eyed one, lol.

Next, is a small Christmas tree made out of sticks from our back yard, twine, hot glue and Christmas trinkets. I purchased everything I needed for less than $5 and had a blast putting it together. It took me less than a half hour to assemble.

Last, we have a wine cork wrath for all you wine aficionados out there. I used the same bells and trinkets that I purchased for my little Christmas tree and with a little hot glue, it came together nicely. 

All you need is a little creativity and you can come up with some really nice holiday decor to hang around your home.

Send me some pictures of what you've been decorating with and I'll feature them on the blog. SHendersonphoto(at)

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