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There is one thing I've only had once in my entire life, that is a place for myself. I grew up in a small two bedroom home with nine other people. I shared a room until I was eighteen when I finally got a small space to myself. It only lasted until I got married a few years later and I was back to sharing everything with my hubby.

When we purchased our new home, I wasn't thinking much about where I was going to hide away to write my books. I was in the mind set of finding a special place to raise my three boys where they could run and grow. So, when we purchased a home, it was no surprise that I didn't have a place to myself.

My husband and I talked about converting the boys small front bedroom into an office one day when they are old enough to move into the loft, but that days is far from being here. Until that time, I will proudly display my computer on the kitchen counter where I can watch the boys run through the house on a rainy day and listen to the sound of the dryer tumbling me into a calm state (This is very important on a rainy day.)
So, here it is. My space to myself. One day I will have big windows that let the light in and a comfy chair I can sit back in and edit the latest draft of the book I've been working on for over eight years (Maybe one day I'll finish it.) I've claimed this place as my own and I will not let it go.

There are perks to being in the kitchen. Easy access to the fridge when I need a snack and the Venus fly trap is an ever present friend I can talk to.
Don't forget the PDX carpet growler. If you aren't familiar with this trend here in the Portland area, you should really look into it. For some reason the old airport carpet is a big thing around here. Don't ask me why.

If you are a lot like me and have no place to spread your stuff out and the kids are always getting in the way, try finding a space outside your home.The people over at WeWork offer amazing work spaces where you can bask in the light of a large window and converse with people who can tie their own shoes and make their own lunches.

They have some of the most amazing shared community work spaces around and if you need a little get away from the munchkins or just a quiet place to write that next novel, they have what you are looking for. Go check out their shared office space!

And as always, I would love to hear about your ideas for your home office space. Leave a comment below or send in your photos and I will feature them here on the blog. ShendersonPhoto(at)gmail.com

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