Hidden Storage Books

We've been having problems with a messy book shelf under our TV. It's where we keep our remotes and it always seems to get filled with knick knacks and junk. So, with a little inspiration from good old Pinterest, this is what I came up with. It cost me about $10 in supplies, only because I didn't have enough books around the house that I was willing to get rid of.

This is what the shelf looked like after I had half cleaned it up. It still looked messy.

Supplies you will need:
An assortment of books
A small box
Glue gun
Scissors / Exacto knife.

First, I removed the covers from the books. I felt like I was doing something wrong since I'm an author and all. It was like destroying the one thing I was made to create, Yikes!

After removing all the covers and cutting the spines out of them (Except for the end books of course) I started gluing them to the box.

It was super easy, took me about 10 minutes and turned out awesome! No more mess!

You can't even see the box from the side.

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