Findings Friday

It has been a long week with the kids going back to school and me trying to figure out how to cope with my children growing up too fast. It's a strange feeling only having my two year old at home with me on Mondays, but we are learning to be patient with each other and how to communicate better. We will be fine... In a few weeks... Maybe...

I still found time this week between dropping kids off at school, grocery shopping and picking them back up again, to pick out some findings that I've come across on Pinterest. Here is the list. Enjoy!

  • I love fall and its warm clothing. Especially scarves, they make me feel so warm. Check out this site with lots of discount coupons for fall styles.
  • As this recipe say, these blueberry muffins are easy. They are also delicious and I made some for my boys with the blueberries that we picked this summer. You really need to try them.
  • How can you beat the beauty of nature. This photo was taken on the road to Los Glaciares national park in Argentina. Amazing! 
  • I've always loved the bohemian style, but sadly I'm a little lost when it comes to fashion. I rely on Pinterest to tell me how to dress. This article has some great tips on how to master the boho style.
  • If you need some funny quotes and sayings to get you through your day, check out this site. There are some seriously funny ones on here.
  • Found this weird post with a Venus fly trap that looks like Santa Clause and blows bubbles with bubble gum. So weird... But awesome!
  • I haven't made these DIY Popsicle stick pallets but I want to. They look like a fun accessory for my living room. 
That's all the good stuff I have for you this week. Enjoy and if you have something you would like me to feature, leave a comment or send me an email.

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