DIY towel rack

I've got another really awesome DIY project for you from the house of Henderson. This one took us the afternoon, although it probably would have taken us more time if it hadn't of been so hot outside. Check it out.
We turned a every day back yard stick into an awesome towel rack and the total price was just over $12. 

What we bought:
2 railing brackets
Some really cheap foam brushes

What we already had:
Sand paper (various)

Tools we used:
Elbow grease 
A drill and bit
Sharp knife.


Pick a nice kinda straight stick and cut it to the right length. I used a sharp knife to peal all the bark off the sticks then sanded them down several times till they were nice and smooth. This took the most time.

Then my husband painted 3 coats of Polyurethane on the sticks. They are supposed to dry for a few hours before applying another coat but it's been super hot out and they dried really fast.

After that, the husband drilled some holes for the brackets and hung them on the wall. It looks awesome. So awesome we made two. :)


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