Artican Chapter 8

She didn't say anything, but reached her hand out toward me. The ends of her fingers started to sizzle and smoke. Frantic, she pulled her hand back quickly cradling the burnt fingers in her other hand. Panic struck her facial features as she rubbed her wound. “I can’t go on.”
“What do you mean? It’s not far to the city.” Arsan beckoned her on. The way she was acting was making me uncomfortable. Something was blocking her path, causing her pain whenever she touched it. I was afraid to move toward her, afraid that something unseen would burn me too.
Nell suddenly turned to smoke. A ripple elongated from the mass of white and red, stretching out to the unseen fire wall before it. It quickly recoiled with a puff of black smoke just like before. Solid again, she looked into my eyes. I could see emotions. She was scared and was fighting not to show it. “There is no way for me to pass. I’m a product of winter. Magic holds me here. I can’t go beyond this point.”

The impact of her words sunk in. Then the one thing I never thought I would say to Nell slipped from my mouth, “How will you protect me if you can’t follow me?”

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