Artican Chapter 2

My thoughts screamed, run away with him, save yourself. I was tempted and my lips parted to tell him, but I quickly swallowed my resolve before I spoke. “I fear that if I leave, this man, Farenan, will take his revenge for my absence on the people of this monastery. Look at what he has done to Delah. She was only trying to protect me and now I don’t know if she will be ok. How could I run away now? Can you understand that I must do what I can to save them?”
I sighed. “If I knew for a fact that all the people within these walls would be safe from the hands of Farenan’s cruelty, that they would never have to suffer over something I could have prevented, than I would leave. I have waited a long time for a day like this to come, but no matter how much I want to go with you, I can’t.”

One last tear rolled down my cheek before I found my hard outer shell of composure again. “So please, don’t ask me to abandon my family to a fate such as death.”

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