Artican Chapter 3

It was done. I had made my choice and decided to trust Father Michael and my new Caretaker, whom I barely knew. But even with all the uncertainty, I felt calm and at peace. This was the way life was supposed to feel, natural, normal. Not living in fear with every breath I took.
“This bond cannot be broken. You have made a vow to each other that is yours to keep, and yours to keep alone. Do not waver or forget this moment, it will save you in the end.” With those words, the Father kissed my forehead. “I shall miss you greatly as well, my child.”

I was crying. I couldn't remember when the tears began to flow or for what reason, there were so many at the moment, but I knew that my life was taking a drastic turn. For better or worse I didn't know, but it was going to change. The fear I had felt for the last couple of years had faded away. The only thing left was adrenaline and the thought of the unknown.

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