Artican Chapter 17

The dagger came down, directed at my heart. I braced for the piercing blow that would end my life, but it didn’t come. Nell stood between Farenan and me, the dagger buried in her heart. I could see the tip of the blade protruding through the back of her jacket. Her mist had appeared out of nowhere, forming a human body in the split second the dagger came down to meet me. I cried out in shock, not believing what just happened, but relieved that I was still alive.
There was no blood where the dagger had pierced. It didn’t stain her jacket, nor did it run down her chest to pool on the ground at her feet. There was nothing but a hole from the jagged metal.

Farenan stumbled back in shock, tripping over his own feet and falling to the ground. He quickly regained his footing, but stood clear of the red head that saved me. “What form of sorcery is this?”

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